Welcome to Advance Driving & Riding

Whether your a business or a private individual, I have a Nationwide coaching or mentoring package that can be 100% tailored to your requirements.

Motorcycle, Car, Truck, it really doesn't matter, I can assist you in reaching your full potential and help you enjoy life on the road.  

I can offer anything from a 1 hour session, all the way through to full 1 or 2 week intensive courses. 


Spread your training over day's, weeks, or months if you prefer. Absolutely anything is possible. 

Why not try one of my 2 hour taster session's before committing to something a little more involved.  

Whatever your looking for, just get in touch.

What we offer

Back to Biking

Been off the bike for a few years? Looking to rebuild your confidence and enjoy riding again.


Ride or Drive to an Advanced standard by learning the Police Roadcraft system of vehicle control.

Night Skills

Improve your night riding or driving by learning how to read the road after nightfall.

Motorcycle Courses

From an assessment ride to a full blown Advanced rider course, check out our full range of Motorcycle courses here.

Car Courses

Whether your looking for defensive driving or advanced, we have a wide selection of  driver courses to suit every need.

Truck Courses

From 7.2t all the way up to 44t, we have a number of courses designed to improve economy and driver skills.

Driver / Rider Assessments

Concerned about your own, or your driver's habits? Skill's? or Mind-set? Our Assessments can identify any area's of concern & offer guidance.

Behavioural Driver Training

Lose the stress and anxiety and let Advance climb into your mind and help change the way you think about driving or riding!

Personal Mentoring

Add to your skillset, improve your ability or build your confidence. Click below to see how our tailored mentoring can help you.

Defensive Riding & Driving

Learn riding or driving techniques designed to anticipate the actions of others and maximize a safe space around you.

Fleet Drivers

Don't let poor driving standards be the advert for your business! Click below to see how Advance can help your company profile.

Fuel Efficient Driving

Aimed more at Heavy truck operators, training your drivers to drive more efficiently could save you thousands of pounds per year.

Can't find what your looking for? No problem, just get in touch.