Roadcraft is the widely renown system of vehicle control used by every Police force in the UK. 

Consisting of 5 key component's it gives you a systematic approach to every riding or driving scenario. 

The key components are broken down into sub-sections covering a wealth of skills, such as;

     : Driving or riding to be seen

     : Positioning

     : Anticipation of others

     : Junctions & roundabouts

     : Self assessment

     : Motorways

These are just a tiny selection of some of the area's Roadcraft covers, but it really is the definitive system for the safest riding or driving to be had.

The price of the 5 and 10 day Intensive courses includes the latest TSO Police Drivers / Riders handbook & the latest Highway code. These will be sent to your address ahead of the course in order for you to obtain a basic understanding of the training ahead.  

I can coach and mentor anybody to this driving or riding standard, you just need the motivation, commitment and time.

Each day is 7 hours long, plus 1 hour for lunch, but we can start and finish at times suited to you.

Please Note: This is an Advanced Level course and will demand a huge level of concentration, the day's will be tiring!