Defensive Riding or Driving

Every time we ride or drive on the road network, we are doing nothing more than a dynamic risk assessment.

This course will develop your observational skills, create observational links and then help you to identify and prioritise the hazards around us, giving you the time to react and adjust your riding or driving plan accordingly. 

Keeping control of the space around you is also another key aspect to safe and defensive riding or driving, so we'll also look to develop your skills in how to create, control, and maintain a safe bubble of space around you, just in case we have to use it should the need arise.

It would be great if we could read the minds of the drivers surrounding us, but alas, we can't. So learning how to anticipate the actions of other road user's is another vital element of the course, we'll equip you with the skills that will allow you to reasonably assume the intentions of others.